Market in Ghana / S Eligh 

Market in Ghana / S Eligh 


Dominican Republic, Shine the Light Community Centre

Volunteers: Designers

AWB will host a design charrette for Shine the Light Community Centre in El Javillar, Dominican Republic on Wednesday July 5th at 7 pm (location TBA).  The program for the building will support medical/dental clinics, literacy and family programs and water purification projects. We are looking for designers with experience in architecture, interiors and landscape to join the team. 

Schedule: summer 2017

AWB International Competition

Volunteers: Committee Members

AWB plans to host a competition that will promote further learning about a topic related to our mandate. We are looking for committee members with a broad range of experience including designers, researchers, writers, graphic designers and fundraisers. 

Schedule: summer 2017

Liberia: Geebamu Clinic and Library

Volunteers: Senior Mentors

We are looking for 2-3 volunteers to work with graduate interior design students on proposals for a clinic and library. 

Schedule: fall 2017




AWB Canada Event Planner 

Volunteers: Fundraisers / Event Planners

Schedule: call for volunteers is open


Art City Workshop

Volunteers: artists and designers

Do you like to work with kids? We are looking for 4-6 volunteers who would like to write a proposal for a design workshop. If the proposal is accepted by Art City, you could have a chance to teach the class! You can learn more about Art City at

Schedule: winter 2018


How to volunteer? 

Let us know that you would like to volunteer by sending an email to

Priority will be given to AWB members for volunteer opportunities. To become a member, follow this link.