IHC Competition News

Over 80 entries were received from around the world. We extend our sincere appreciation to everyone that entered this competition.

You can learn about the winners of the Indigenous Housing Canada Ideas Competition here.

First Place

Mountain Houses: Project for Salluit, Nanavik by Marie-Claude Gravel, Pierre-Olivier Demeule and Antonin Boulanger Cartier. You can see the proposal here or warch the video below.


Second Place 

Towards a New Normal by Evan Taylor. You can listen to Evan explain his ideas in the video or see the proposal here.

Third Place

Unpacking Community by Egest Gjinali, Suzanne Laure Doucet and Colleen Lashuk proposes a housing strategy for a community in northern Quebec based on an incremental design. Watch the video below or review their proposal here.


AWB Canada would like to thank everyone who entered the competition, the competition organizers, jury members and sponsors. 

Conference Chairperson: Victor Kolynchuk

Jury Members: Destiny Seymour, Ken Einarsson, Michael Robertson, Dave Thomas, Roxanne Greene, Darrel Koop, Sarah Chernis, Michael Conway, Catherine Peters, Tom Langrell

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Photos by Destiny Gulewich

Stay tuned for more information!