Damongo, Ghana by M Moquin

AWB Volunteer Grant ($2000.00)

The AWB Volunteer Grant was established to promote further understanding of the skills and knowledge that are required to be effective in community projects. For this particular scholarship, students and design professionals are encouraged to apply. 

Project Requirements: A project or activity that supports AWB Canada’s purpose and involves intercultural experience and/or community development. 

Application Requirements: Press here

Submission: TBA

AWB would like to thank the Manitoba Association of Architects for their support. 

Grant Recipients

Katryna Lipinsky

University of Manitoba - Environmental Design, Shine the Light Initiative Volunteer. You can read Katy's essay "The House that Built Us" here. Follow this link to learn more about Shine the Light. To see some images look here

John Sherk

University of Manitoba - Environmental Design, Honduras Design Initiative - “Students for Sustainability”. Follow this link to learn more To see an image look here.

Matty Jolly

University of Manitoba - Environmental Design, Service Learning in the Global Community: Domongo, Ghana. Follow this link to read an essay about Matty's expereince. 

Laura Rempel

University of Manitoba Graduate Student - City Planning, Indigenous Planning Cross Cultural Exchange: Chiapas, Mexico. Follow this link to learn more. 

James Frank

University of Manitoba Graduate student - Landscape Architecture, School Improvements, Uganda. Follow this link to learn more. 

Marla Wirasinghe

University of Manitoba Graduate Student - Architecture,  Service Learning in the Global Community: Katebo, Uganda. Follow this link to learn more.