Presby Construction / M Jolly

Presby Construction / M Jolly

Presby Primary School Library, Ghana

Partners: Tools for Schools Africa & Service Learning in the Global Community, University of Manitoba (SLGC) 

Scope of AWB work: program and preliminary design  / Scope of SLGC work: design-build with contractors in Damongo, Ghana

AWB Project leaders: Larry Wiens, Lori Penner  /  SLGC Project leader: Kelley Beaverford

AWB volunteers 2010-11 / SLGC students Jessie Rew, Megan Young, Kelesy McMahon, Stephanie Eligh, Matty Jolly, Steven Hung, Alyssa Lambkin - Anderson, Veronika Angelatos, James Frank (teaching assistant)

For more information about this project press here

More than Bricks and Mortar: the Damongo Project

Michael Hersrud

A documentary film that follows a five week collaboration between a small group of students from the University of Manitoba and local construction workers in a rural village in Northern Ghana. Together, the team constructed a new boarding house for a group of school girls from the region. The documentary is based on a course titled 'Service Learning In A Global Community' lead by Kelley Beaverford. Technical support was provided by Architects Without Borders Canada.

Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC)

In the fall 2014, the MID Studio One students worked with Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC),  a non-governmental organization based in Juba, Sudan. The organization provides support for over 600 children who have fallen victim to gender-based violence, neglect and other forms of abuse. The students generated a preliminary program and proposal for a resettlement center. Architects Without Borders Canada provided an interdisciplinary team of volunteers who served as mentors to the students throughout the semester. Although the project is currently on hold, we hope to provide assistance to CCC as they move ahead with this important project.

Study by L Dolyniuk & K Bergman

Study by L Dolyniuk & K Bergman

Boroma Mental Health Clinic, Somaliland

Partners: Dr. Abdishakur Jowhar Foundation, Ontario, Canada ( & Masters of Interior Design Studio One, University of Manitoba 

Occupants: acute and long term patients, staff and community members at large

Scope of Work: preliminary design studies, program, recommendations 

AWB Project leads: K Beaverford, L Wiens, B Bonde, L Penner, S Reenders /  University of Manitoba MID Studio One (fall 2013) & AWB volunteers 2013-14

Media: From Winnipeg to Borama

Teachers Explain /  M Hersrud 

St Anne's Boarding School, Kitchen, Ghana 

Tools for Schools Africa & Damongo Catholic Diocese and Service Learning in the Global Community, University of Manitoba 

Scope of AWB work: program and preliminary design Scope of SLGC work: design-build with contractors in Damongo, Ghana

AWB Project leaders: Larry Wiens, Lori Penner / AWB Volunteers: 2010-11 

SLGC Project leader: Kelley Beaverford  

SLGC Participants:  A Jones, M Moquin, D McKay, L Greschuk, M Tustin, J Craddock, C Plett, M Mainville, L Hill & M Hersrud 

Media: Ghana Photo Exhibition,  Students Building a Boarding House 

The Safer Mud House, Nepal 

SOS Children's Village, Nepal  

Scope of work: handbook for builders based on workshops taught in 2008 & 2009 

Book project leader: Sheila Reenders / Graphic designer: John deWolfe / Content writers: AWB volunteers 2008-2011 / Workshop instructors in Nepal: K Beaverford & P Shrestha & L Hill 

1 Taman+Bacaan+Layout.jpg

Taman Bacaan, Indonesia

AWB Canada partnered with Bali International School (BIS) to design the visual identity and graphics package for the BIS Taman Bacaan (Indonesian for Reading Park'). The Taman Bacaan — the first community library in Bali — provides internet access and English lessons to the surrounding community, and offers books in both Indonesian and English.

The purpose of the graphics package was two-fold: to publicize the opening of the Taman Bacaan, and to familiarize the public with the library's function. Designed items include a logo, library card, letterhead, flag, banners, signage, and an invitation. The library opened in early 2008.

Scope of work:  Graphic Design

Design team: Layne Arthur, Jeff Garcia, Mike Johnson, See-Yin Lim, Andrew Lovatt (Project Leader), Melissa Sarassin / Mentor: Martha Lewis, Graphic Designer 

Unite for Site Eye Clinic, Chennai, India

Students, with the guidance of a professional team of registered architects from India, completed the pre-design, programming, and conceptual design of a free eye care clinic in South India. The clinic will serve 20-30 lower income rural communities with high quality, cost-effective eye care

Scope of work: Program, Conceptual Design

Mentor: Kelley Beaverford / MID Studio One 

Media: Clear Vision, Clear Vision Winnipeg Free Press


More listings under construction: 

DSA Home for Children, Nepal 

Media: A Clear Vision to Help Children in Nepal 



art city 2016 b magas.jpeg

Art City / A Magus

Art City

A 3-day workshop designed to learn with kids about architecture, design and the city. For information about Art City visit their website, to see past Art City /AWB projects watch this video

2018 Leaders: Dilaxshy Sivagurunathan, Alyssa Magas & Ian Laya

2012 AWB PARKing Day presentation.jpg

PARKing Day

Scope of work: participate in an worldwide event where artists, designers and citizens transform metered parking spots into temporary public parks 

Project lead 2014: Bhavana Bonde with Tyler Jones / Kathleen Nicanor

To see a presentation on the 2012 project click here

Media: Winnipeg's downtown is transformed on Park(ing) Day, CBC

Design for Disaster Relief Competition 

IDEC Social Responsibility Network

Scope: video competition entry: 400 square foot shelter and video, individual or team must have one interior designer or id student

Project leader: Heather Wagner /  Mentors: Jennifer Hallick, Kelley Beaverford / Team members: AWB 2012/13 volunteers

Art City Design Workshop, Winnipeg 

Art City, Winnipeg 

Scope of work: 3 day workshop for kids

Project Leaders: Laura Rempel,  Tanya Peters, Desiree McKay, Megan Young  / Video: Michael Lucenkiw / AWB 2009-13 volunteers

Habitat for Humanity Winnipeg

Scope of Work: Design Build

Project Team Leaders: Lindsey Glushka, Mike Johnson, Laura Rempel, Danielle Whitle / Build Participants: 2006/07 AWB volunteers, University of Manitoba Faculty of Architecture students, University of Calgary EVDS students / Mentor: Neil Minuk

Links: Habitat for Humanity Winnipeg [